Like a Hungry Bull in a China Shop


You know how they always say that you should never go to the grocery to shop on an empty stomach? Surrounded by all that tempting food you just know that you will buy more than you should and likely it will be the foods that are the least healthy for you that you end up getting. Did you realize that 83% of all purchases of jars of marshmallow cream have been made when the buyer of said jar of marshmallow cream is hungry? That is a truth fact I tell you…

What you likely didn’t know though is that the same rule holds true for those stores that sell kitchen and dining supplies. But why you ask. it’s not food? Well I’m glad you asked, it’s not because you can eat those items, that canapé tray is calorie free and indigestible, it’s because you see that canapé tray full of canapés in your mind and just have to have it.

It’s a story as old as time, or at least as old as the canapé tray. You are walking down the aisle when your gaze happens upon a milk glass canapé tray that is 40% off. What a deal, it’s still 36 dollars, but it was 60 dollars originally. You picture yourself throwing the best garden party in the neighborhood as your neighbors pick up the most delightful cucumber sandwiches that you will learn how to make because you are a person of good taste, and your neighbors will now know that you are a person of good taste, not just for your cucumber sandwiches but also because you are the proud owner of the most stunning canapé tray known to man!

Delusions of grandeur? Not exactly, the person who peruses the store on a full stomach will see just a bunch of empty plates and glasses, but the person on an empty stomach will see not just the plates and glasses but also the foods and beverages that could grace the surfaces and insides of those lifeless vessels.

So be careful dear reader and think twice before you buy those blue handled martini glasses, are you just buying the glasses, or are you buying the hopes and dreams of eventually making chocolate mousse to fill those martini glasses?

Food for thought…

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