The Olive Garden…Hamburger?!?

Today it was announced that The Olive Garden(the Italian restaurant, known for pasta and other such Italian delicacies) is now offering a hamburger on their lunch menu. Do I hear you laughing in the background? Why yes I’m sure that correct, that why I specified that it was the Italian restaurant. They even have it in news stories on the web:

Ok, fine, believe me now? The name? They are calling it “The Italiano Burger”

….Oh stop interrupting with your laughter that is the real name!

What’s in it? Well it is a 6 ounce beef patty topped with prosciutto, mozzarella cheese, arugula, marinated tomatoes and garlic aioli, with garlic parmesan fries on the side.

Why yes that does sound tasty doesn’t it, just what you would want if you wanted an Italian style burger…no I said this was Olive Garden and it is their only burger, not an Italian style burger from a place like Red Robin or Ruby Tuesday where such an addition would make more sense on the menu.

No I don’t like where this is going either…like you when I go to the Olive Garden, it is for the Italian food, nor something basically American dressed up to be Italian.

You know what’s coming next don’t you? Take a large piece of pasta and roll it up, fill it with meat, cheese and tomato sauce, then cover it more sauce and bake it, what do you have?

The Enchilada Italiano…sigh

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