Chili’s New Dish Makes Me Hungry for an Odd Reason

So I was watching TV tonight and keeping my eyes open for the food related commercials for a separate project I am working on when a commercial from Chili’s came on advertising their new Fresh Mex Bowls, specifically the Chipotle Chicken Fresh Mex Bowl.

The description states: “Made with house-made corn & black bean salsa, rice & chipotle pesto. Topped with cheddar cheese, house-made pico de gallo, fresh field greens, chopped cilantro, crispy tortilla strips, fresh sliced avocado & a drizzle of cumin-lime sour cream.” You can choose between chicken, beef and shrimp for your meat offering.

Apparently this dish along with several other new dishes that emphasize the “Mex” in their standard Tex-Mex offerings just came out on Monday.

But back to the commercial, it was the usual delicious looking restaurant advertising and seemed to be only about 15 seconds long, but what struck me as oddly interesting was how much the advertisement struck my fancy and made me hungry and filled with good feelings. Has Chili’s stumbled across some new winning advertising formula? Have they created a perfect Tex-Mex dish that is going to have the hungry masses pounding down their doors eager to get their hands on this bowl of delightful Tex-Mex ingredients?

No on the advertising, and it sounds like a tasty enough dish, I would certainly give it a try if I happened to find myself at a Chili’s for lunch. So what was the trigger in the advertisement? How about the word chipotle? The pepper? Sure it’s a good pepper, but…chipotle…chipotle…Chipotle!

This ad made me think about Chipotle, the Mexican grill, and most certainly a completely different restaurant than Chili’s. I was thinking about how delicious the food at Chipotle is and it was making me hungry for a dish at a restaurant other than Chipotle because the word chipotle was in the name of the dish they were promoting!

I think Chili’s may have a hit on their hands, but not necessarily for the reasons they are hoping.

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