The Proper Martini, a Second Round:

Recently on the main site I wrote about my experiences with gin and Martinis and shared my preferred recipe for making a dirty martini at home.

Based on what I have found out through my research, there are five things that I do with my Martini’s that are not always considered popular options:

  • I use gin. But wait, isn’t gin the liquor that makes a Martini a Martini? It sure is, but these days it seems that all the young whippersnappers out there prefer vodka in their martini. It can make for a delicious drink to be sure, the vodka based dirty Martini from the Cheesecake Factory lit the fire inside me for Martinis, but if it has vodka in it, then it is not really a Martini.
  • I like a wet Martini. How wet? No drier than 2/3 gin, 1/3 vermouth, which is rather close match to the original recipe. People brag about how dry they like their Martinis, from as little as a capful to going to rather ridiculous extremes (mostly apocryphal for sure) such as showing the bottle of vermouth to the martini glass and putting it away, to letting a sunbeam pass through the bottle of vermouth and letting it land on the martini glass full of gin, or perhaps getting up really close to the glass and quietly whispering “vermouth” over top of the glass. You can add as little vermouth as you want, but the less you add, the further you are getting away from the true spirit of what a Martini is, and the more you are making the point that you just really like gin! To be frank, nothing wrong with that really, as gin is rather awesome.
  • Stirred, not shaken. There is nothing that amps up ones anticipation more for a fresh made drink than watching the bartender go through all kinds of gyrations as your drink gets shaken, or perhaps the sound of it as you shake away at home is like the bell to Pavlov’s dog. For me, a placidly stirred Martini does the trick and puts me in the right frame of mind for Martini consumption. The clatter of ice cubes jangles my nerves, for a nicely chilled Martini, I just have my gin in the freezer.
  • No ice. Some say that a little bit of dilution helps the flavor of the drink, but see the previous entry, stirred, not shaken. I add my ingredients directly to the glass and having to deal with an intermediate step involving ice is just one more thing that delays me from my drink.
  • I enjoy Martini’s, but I prefer a Dirty Martini. This admission will have some Martini enthusiasts up in arms and frothing at the mouth, but there is something about the flavor that olive juice adds to the gin and vermouth combo that just strikes my fancy and usually leaves me wanting another. Still, bartenders are hard at work on creating dirty Martini variations.

Those are just my preferences, but I am no stickler to those rules when out and about and having a Martini, you never know what way somebody may make one for you that becomes a new favorite way to make one…

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