The Golden Corral Breakfast Buffet

I don’t get to the Golden Corral all that much these days, usually only when I come to visit the family for Saturday morning breakfast, and even then t is only maybe twice a year or so as we have other preferred breakfast options. The only real advantages they have over other breakfast options is that they are all you can eat and there is a wide variety of choices to choose from.

A while back I saw that they were talking about their new and improved breakfast items, so when the opportunity arose to try them out I had high hopes and their breakfast was a decent option before.

So what did I find out?

The good:

  • The fresh made omelet bar appears as good as ever with what appeared to be a few more filling options (I did not get one this time as an omelet is almost a meal in itself).
  • The French toast was much improved, they were using a Texas toast thickness of bread and the flavor seemed stronger in a good way.
  • Chocolate milk cartons were available in addition to the usual regular milk.
  • The doughnuts seemed to be a fresher, more homemade style.

The bad:

  • They were serving something called “bacon candy” which were nuggets of bacon covered in a syrupy glaze. They tasted like sugared corned beef to me and were seriously disappointing.
  • The doughnuts did not taste as good even though they seemed fresher.
  • The sausage patties were less salty, but also much less flavorful.
  • Only one tray for scrambled eggs, this just may be a shortcoming of the location I was at, but just one spot on the line for a basic breakfast staple is poor logistics (and to make matters worse, I think the bacon candy had usurped the location of the second egg tray.

The ugly:

  • They have a little section for baked goods where the rolls and pastries go, but only one slot was occupied with a few muffins, it looked like they were out of a lot of stuff and not attempting to replenish the supply.
  • The chocolate milk tasted fine, but it was three days past its best by date. Now I am happy that the milk (which was perfectly fine to drink) did not go to waste and get tossed(so much food gets wasted when it goes past its best by date and is tossed) but that’s something you don’t expect to see at a restaurant.
  • The bacon. The bacon was a new thicker cut style of bacon and it was quite possibly the worst bacon I have had in my life. There was no consistency in how it was cooked, you either had a barely edible strip of meat that resembled a rawhide dog chew toy, or a floppy white strip of mostly fat that barely met the definition of cooked.

You can still find plenty good to eat at the Golden Corral for breakfast, but I doubt I will be back myself anytime soon.

You can find their breakfast items listed here, but you will need to select the breakfast buffet under the product nutrition information to actually get a listing, and even then I have a suspicion that it hasn’t been updated as I do not see some of the new items listed.

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