Sofritas=Tofu, Coming Soon to a Chipotle Near You

Chipotle is well known for their quality ingredients and variety of delicious flavor combinations, and now there is another interesting ingredient coming soon to a Chipotle near you: tofu.

Yes I said tofu, but not just plain tofu, they are calling it Braised Tofu Sofritas and it is a new alternative filling for the vegans and vegetarians out there who previously had to content themselves with the pinto beans and/or black beans as their protein. They describe it as “Organic tofu from Hodo Soy that we shred and then braise with chipotle chilis, roasted poblanos, and a blend of aromatic spices.”

Sounds delicious, but does it taste as good as it sounds? Yes, and with some real kick to it as well from the poblanos. See what else Chipotle has to say about it here…

Back last summer, went rather in depth in their review and discussion about it, it has certainly expanded beyond the west coast, but it is still not a nationwide product.

Hopefully it will be, because even though I am no vegan or vegetarian, I found the Sofritas to be one of the more flavorful additions available to your burrito or burrito bowl and a nice healthy alternative that compliments rather than distracts from your enjoyment of your food. Alas, Sophia Breene who penned the article for last year would be a bit disappointed to hear that the Sofritas is still rather salty, and if they have toned it down some since then it must have been quite the salt bomb.

Emily Cohn at the Huffington Post, however, is not so delighted, so be aware, your pocketbook may take more of a hit compared to getting a veggie bowl.

Looking forwards to trying it again, will be curious to see if it is available in the Chipotle location near my work.


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