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Lunch and Dinner Items From IHOP: Good Idea or Stick to The Breakfast Menu?

I recently discussed the Griddle Melt Sandwiches that are available from IHOP on my main blog at The Griddle Melts are another fine breakfast from a chain that is by far best known for their pancakes and other such … Continue reading

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The Olive Garden…Hamburger?!?

Today it was announced that The Olive Garden(the Italian restaurant, known for pasta and other such Italian delicacies) is now offering a hamburger on their lunch menu. Do I hear you laughing in the background? Why yes I’m sure that correct, … Continue reading

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Like a Hungry Bull in a China Shop

You know how they always say that you should never go to the grocery to shop on an empty stomach? Surrounded by all that tempting food you just know that you will buy more than you should and likely it … Continue reading

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Don’t I Know You From Somewhere…

Why yes you do, this is Court from The Hungry Man Eats located at This is going to be my mirror site for my main page so that I can post comments more easily on other sites. Expect to … Continue reading

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